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Clafoutis (蓝草莓烤布丁)

One of the best parts of summer is the glorious abundance of berries. Suspended in a custard base, the blueberries and strawberries lend their sweet tart flavor and freshness to…


Apple Rose Tart [玫瑰花蘋果派]

Believe me, I’ve looked and looked… and looked. It’s incredibly hard to find a dessert so pretty yet so simple to make. Even more amazing is how these pretty dainty…



Delicious homemade Tiramisu is the best Thanksgiving dessert. Yes, I declare it even better than my previous favorite pumpkin cheesecake or sweet potato marshmallow pie. We usually make tiramisu using…


Nutella Banana Crêpe

Happy World Nutella Day!! I love Nutella. Love. Nutella stole my heart in college and I devoured jar after jar by simply eating it with a spoon. It probably contributed…



Profiteroles are an extremely versatile pastry made from pâte à choux, which is a light pastry with high moisture content. It is delicious as either a sweet or savory snack….


Chewy Molasses Cookies

I never paid molasses cookies much attention until my brother volunteered to bake these from scratch for a dinner party. My brother? He, who would rather eat cereal for dinner…


Almond Crsip (香脆杏仁餅乾)

These crispy and nutty cookies are the easiest cookies I ever baked. Ever. Just mix all the ingredient together, spread the batter onto a cookie sheet and bake. The cookie…


Lemon Cookies (檸檬餅乾)

Lemon zest and lemon juice make these cookies a lighter and less sweet fare from most cookies. I wanted them to be very lemon-y so I grated some extra lemon…


Chocolate White Chip Cookies

Ingredients 1.25 sticks Butter, Softened 1/2 cup White Sugar 1/4 cup Brown SUgar 1 Whole Egg (large instead of XL) 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 1 cup Flour 1/3 cup Cocoa…

Panna Cotta with blueberry sauce

Panna Cotta (鮮奶酪藍莓醬)

Growing up I bought “milk custard (奶酪)” in little clear plastic cups from the supermarket when I wanted a treat. Sometimes the fancier versions were topped with a little clear…