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Korean Radish Kimchi

When we travel one of the best parts is experiencing and learning about new cultures. What I love even more is bringing home a little bit of the culture with…


Lotus Root Salad(凉拌莲藕)

夏日炎炎,最近每天艳阳高照,气温动不动就高到 90F。厨房里更是高温难耐,常常做完菜却热的不想吃热菜。幸运的在祖宜的“简单、豐、美好”书里有一道“凉拌藕片”,本来只是贪吃个凉菜,做做看。但一做之下,完完全全的被征服。 藕片切的飞薄,烫过两分钟后冰镇,加一小搓盐和糖,拌上红油香菜乌醋,浇上焦蒜油,香脆可口,好吃的不得了。第一晚做的一大碗吃光光,第二天立马再做一碗。 为了这道菜做的麻辣红油,也香的不得了,浸了一夜后,香味更真,辣味更浓。我等不及用这红油办鸡办面,现在后悔麻辣红油做的不够。 麻辣红油食谱在53页,凉拌莲藕食谱在73页。焦蒜油是之前K做拉面时一起做的。


Notes: Baked Sweet Plantains 烤甜芭蕉筆記

One of my favorite things about New York is the astonishing variety of cuisines here. I can find delicious and authentic cuisine of every variety. One of things I’ve come…


Crispy Garlic Bread

I love garlic. I add garlic to almost every dish I cook and scoff at recipes that call for just 1 little clove of garlic. So my version of crispy…


Avocado Salad

Ripe and buttery avocados are one of K’s favorite foods. We usually make tons of guacamole as a snack. As delicious and healthy as the guacamole is, it unfortunately encourages…


Taiwanese Pickled Vege (台式泡菜)

Every country has its own favorite pickled vegetable recipe – from the spicy Korean Kimchi to sour crunchy American pickles. The Taiwanese style I grew up with is defined by…